Denali National Park

Mt. Denali is the highest mountain in North America which was known as Mt. McKinley earlier and has the most popular attractive land called ‘Denali National Park’ in Alaska. You can also visit many spectacular mountains and large glaciers in Alaska. Denali almost covers six million acres with many large mammals like moose, Dall sheep, grizzly bears, and wolves. 

The park accommodates a wide variety of people and so you can enjoy mountaineering, dog sledding, wildlife viewing, and cycling. It is the only national park with a dog sled kennel. 

You can also see the most famous sights in Alaska like

How long does it take to reach Denali?

Denali almost takes eight hours by the Alaska railroad and five and a half hours from Anchorage by car. If you like to go from Fairbanks, it will take three hours by car and four hours by train. 

How long to stay in Denali?

You will not be able to cover Denali in a day. So, we recommend staying for two nights if you are camping or if you are near the park entrance. If you stay deep inside the park-like in Kantishna, we recommend you stay for three to four nights. 

Where to stay?

Camping- There are few campgrounds in the park road like Igloo Creek and Wonder Lake. And you can find Campgrounds and Denali Grizzly Bear Resort that offers cabins, resort amenities, and tent sites outside the park. 

Hotels-  There are several lodges like Camp Denali and North Face Lodge, Kantishna Roadhouse, Denali Backcountry Lodge, and Skyline Lodge which is located in the Kantishna area within the park. 

You can also find hotels outside the park like Denali Lakeview Inn, Grande Denali, and Alpine Creek Lodge. 

Activities to do in Denali National Park

  • Park tours

Bus tours

Denali National Park Shuttle Bus

Guided hiking in Denali

Flight tours

  • Flightseeing tours

Denali Air

Fly Denali

TEMSCO Helicopters Denali Flightseeing Tours

Kantishna Air Taxi

Denali Summit Flight

  • Rafting tours

Denali Southside River Guides

Denali Raft Adventures

Explore Denali Rafting

Traverse Alaska

  • Jeep/ATV tours

Jeep/ATV tours

Jeep/ATV Rentals

  • Guided hiking

TEMSCO Helicopters Denali Heli Hike

Traverse Alaska 

Denali Southside River Guides

Denali National Park Visitors Center

Hiking at Denali Park Village

  • Zipline tours

Denali Park Zipline

  • Parks and trails

Hiking near the park entrance

Hiking in Denali National Park

  • Dog Sledding 

Dog Carts and Learning Adventures

Jeff King Husky Homestead Tour

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