Gates of the Arctic National Park

Gates of the Arctic National Park is one of the extreme remote national parks in the United States and it has been the most unique spot I have ever visited. It is famous for having no trails and no roads which makes it difficult to visit. The visitors will have a choice for accessing the park either by place or by walk. It is an American national park that protects the Brooks Range which is located in northern Alaska. 

When I was heading towards the park, I noticed the Brooks Range divide which was entirely covered with snow, and about ten miles to the north there was a steep pair of mountains, each side of the North Fork. The Gates of the Arctic National Park is wild and jaw-dropping. You will have to desperately visit the place. 

The only reason why the rock climbers, mountaineers, paddlers, and hikers used to go to the Gates of the Arctic is because the place seems to be like an isolated wonderland. 

How do you get to the Gates of the Arctic National Park?

You can either fly or take a walk. Most of the people used to fly. From Fairbanks about 250 miles away, the flights which are scheduled go towards Anaktuvuk Pass, an Eskimo village which is located within the park borders. You can go by air taxi into the park, from Beetles/Evansville, Ambler, Fairbanks, or Coldfoot. Give some time in case of bad weather and delayed flights. You can hike into the national park from Anaktuvuk Pass.

Best Season for visiting the Gates of the Arctic National Park

It is not the right time to visit the park during winter. Even the animals are migrated just to escape from the freezing temperatures. The best time to visit the park is during summer where the temperature will be very mild. As you all know the weather is unpredictable, where you can expect rain or snow in any month. Summer is the best time to visit this place where you will see the flowers blooming, refreshing rivers, abundant wildlife, and the best time for hiking. 

How much time to spend in the Gates of the Arctic National Park?

You will have to spend multiple days in the park. And you can learn more about the park in the museum or in the ranger station. If you really want to cover the park and explore its wilderness, you will have to spend days in the park.

What all the things you can pack for Gates of the Arctic National Park?

  • Moisture-wicking layers
  • Jacket
  • Hiking pants
  • Hiking boots
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Backpack
  • Camera
  • Gloves
  • Map and compass


The national park provides a habitat for wolves, moose, grizzly bears, wolverines, and dall sheep. You can also do fishing in the lakes.

Activities to do in the Gates of the Arctic National Park

The Gates of the Arctic National Park is a wilderness park with no trails or roads inside the park, so the visitors will have to fly or hike into the park. The accessibility to the park starts in Alaska, Fairbanks with few airlines that provide flights daily. The travelers get attracted to backpacking treks, float trips, camp setup to enjoy fishing and hiking. Many visitors used to join in the guided trips where the group of people come for rafting or hiking during summer and for dog mushing and cross country skiing during winter. Either as a part of guided trips or as an independent traveler, you will have to reserve in advance for visiting the Gates of the Arctic National Park. 

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