Places to visit in Gates of the Arctic National Park

Gates of the Arctic National Park is the northernmost national park in the United States. The park preserves a vast and essentially untouched wilderness. It is the best place for adventure seekers and photographers. The park has no roads or trails, so you have to fly or hike into the park. If you are looking for an isolated place Gates of the Arctic is the perfect destination. Here we have mentioned the top places to visit in Gates of the Arctic National Park.

Arrigetch Peaks

Arrigetch Peaks are known for its sheer walls, vertical spires and spectacular relief. The peaks are Lying within the central Brooks Range, it is 38,313-acre rising thousands of feet above surrounded by spectacular views. These peaks are carved from granitic rock by glacial ice and running water. 

Arrigetch Peaks offers world class mountaineering and rock climbing opportunities. You get to experience the most challenging obstacles. It is not recommended for beginners, if you are an experienced climber don’t miss out the endless adventure the peaks have to offer. 

Climbing in the Arrigetch Peak is divided into three sections: Arrigetch Creek, the Aquarius Valley, and Aiyagomahala Valley. Arrigetch Peaks is not only for climbing you can also go for hiking, camping, photography and exploring the breathtaking landscape. 

Frigid Crags and Boreal Mountain

Frigid Crags and Boreal Mountain are the twin mountains of the park. It is one of the most beautiful locations in the park. You get to see the majestic mountains rising above the sky and rivers flowing between them. These mountain views are something you shouldn’t miss. It is the most loved location by photographers as the landscape gives you perfect shots every time. To get the best view of the mountain you can visit during sunset or sunrise. 

The interesting fact is the park was given its name after seeing these two peaks by Robert Marshall. These towering mountains are the iconic symbol of the park. Since the park has no roads or established trails it makes it difficult to hike. As you hike, you get to see wildlife like caribou, grizzly and black bears, beavers, wolves, Dall’s sheep, fox, and more.

Explore the Lakes in Gates of the Arctic National Park

There are plenty of lakes in the park, where you get to relax and enjoy the stunning view and even experience some of the water activity.

Agiak Lake:  It is a 1.5 mile long lake at the head of Agiak Creek. The most popular activity is fishing arctic grayling and lake trout.

Chandler Lake: It is a large lake west of Anaktuvuk Pass which is within the boundaries of the park. You can access the lake by float plane. 

Circle Lake: This is popular for hiking Arrigetch Peaks and packrafting the Alatna River.

Florence Creek Lake: This lake is one mile northeast of the North Fork Koyukuk River.

Kurupa Lake: This is one of the most visited  lakes in the park. It is three miles long and also has a healthy population of lake trout, arctic char and round whitefish. 

Lake Isiak: This is a 1.5 mile long glacial lake in the Noatak River Valley and three kilometers from Lake Matcharak.

Lake Selby: This lake is 80 miles west of Bettles. The best time to visit is during the summer. 

Summit Lake: It is about 8 miles from the Itkillik Preserve and also the source of the Itkillik River.

Takahula Lake: This lake is the  put in and take out spot for hiking the Arrigetch Peaks and rafting in the Alatna River.

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