Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the stunning and unique national parks in Alaska. The word ‘fjord’ was given by Norway and you see worthy sceneries in this place filled with mountains and cliffs which is more beautiful. From Anchorage, it takes almost 2.5 hours to drive to the park. And you will not be able to visit the remote part of the country in one day. You will have to put some effort to visit this park but it is worth it because it is the US version of the Arctic landscape with amazing glaciers, wildlife like bears and seals, icefields, and you have many opportunities for adventure on the water. 


Kenai Fjords National Park is very much famous for its wildlife, where you can see black and brown bears, sea otters, whales, and birds. Most of the bears are found frequently near fishing and hunting areas around the coastline. There are almost 191 species of birds near the park that includes peregrine falcons, puffins, bald eagles, etc. You can see sea otters and sea lions in the water which is often visible in Seward Harbor and you also see fin, orca, gray, minke, humpback, and sei whales throughout the year.

To visit the wildlife in the Kenai Fjords park, you will have to go by boat. Sightseeing tour boats are available and that will bring you very close to the whales, sea lions, seals, etc. There is also a special half-day wildlife cruise from Seward Harbor where you can explore Resurrection Bay which is nearby and you can see different species of birds and also mountain goats. If you wish to see bears you can take a guided tour. 


Here you have over forty glaciers that slope down to the Icefield before entering into the ocean. Kenai Fjords glaciers are a mixture of alpine and tidewater glaciers. The alpine glaciers usually form in the mountain basins from where the ice and snow build and it gets expanded down to the mountains whereas the tidewater glaciers flow from the land to the sea and then it gets terminated below the water surface. The park’s most beautiful and famous glacier is the Exit Glacier that is an alpine glacier and it just takes 15 minutes drive from the place called Seward. This glacier is very easy to hike with well-maintained trails and when you overlook it while hiking you will see the glacier itself. If you want to have more hiking experience you can check out the Harding Icefield Trail. You will love this place to visit and to experience all the adventures over here. 

Activities to do in Kenai Fjord National Park

  • Fishing 
  • Glacier Kayaking 
  • Sightseeing
  • Hiking
  • Wildlife

Attractive places to visit in Kenai Fjord National Park

  • Exit Glacier 
  • Harding Icefield Trail 
  • Fox Island 
  • Six Mile Creek 
  • Pedersen Glacier 
  • Clam Gulch 
  • North Arm 
  • Mount Diablo
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