Kenai Fjords National Park Location And How To Reach It?

Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the beautiful and unique national parks located in Alaska. Alaska is a vast landscape covered with many famous national parks and public lands. From Anchorage, you can take a drive for almost 2 and a half hours to reach the park. The park is filled with amazing glaciers, icefields, wildlife, and many water adventures. 

Check out the park’s map to know more about the directions. You can take a drive by your car to go to the Exit Glacier and only it is accessible by car. If you do not have your vehicle, you can go by shuttle and taxi services that are available between Seward and Exit Glacier. The park is also provided with boat tours where you can have day trips to see the glaciers, fjords, and wildlife. Kayaking and flightseeing can also be accessed in this park. Bicycles can be followed by the trails which are parallel to the Seward Highway and Herman Leirer Road to Exit Glacier. It is allowed only on the parts of the road but not on the trails. 

How to reach Kenai Fjords National Park?

By Car

Kenai Fjords National Park lies just outside the town of Seward, Alaska. It is about 126 miles south of Anchorage. During winter, the park is often inaccessible but Seward is accessible year-round through Seward Highway. You will have to follow Seward Highway (AK-1) which is located south of Anchorage and as you go further it will become AK-9 around 35 miles that leads you to Homer and Kenai. And you will have to continue AK-9 to reach Seward. 

By Plane

To enter Alaska, an air trail to Anchorage is the easiest option. Then you will have to go by car, bus, or train to reach the park. Charter flights are sometimes available to reach Seward. 

By Train

The state-owned railroad by Alaska connects Anchorage to Seward during the summer season, from May to September. 

Other Transportation

Many cruise ships start or end their voyages in Seward during summer. There are also buses and van services which are accessible daily from Anchorage to Seward. You will have to contact the travel agent or search the internet to know more about the companies of buses or cruise ships which are available. 

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