Places to Visit in Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the best national park to spent your holidays. If you are an adventure seeker Kenai Fjords has plenty of adventurous activities from hiking to kayaking. The park is know for is jaw-dropping scenery and massive glaciers. Here we have given you the place that you shouldn’t miss in Kenai Fjords.

Exit Glacier 

The Exit Glacier is one of most visited glaciers in the world. You get to view a close up view of the glacier, and even get to walk close to an active glacier. Exit Glacier has a Wheelchair accessible trail leading to a stunning panorama view of glaciers. It is the only area of the park accessible by road.

Exit Glacier Overlook Trail is a 2.2 mile that features a river and is suitable for all level hikers. It is open year-round but in mid-November roads to Exit Glacier are inaccessible to vehicles. The trails in Exit Glacier are well maintained making it easier to hike.

Bear Glacier

Bear Glacier is an outlet glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. It is a popular spot for kayakers. You get to explore massive icebergs in Bear Glacier.  It is an incredible place to explore and see giant icebergs from the largest glacier in the park. If you want to go paddling or kayaking take all the safety measures, if you are a beginner it’s recommended not to go for paddling.  

Bear Glacier has stunning landscape kayaking through the icebergs is a unique experience and also has jaw-dropping scenery. The most popular activities at Bear Glacier are pack rafting, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding.

Harding Ice Field Trail 

Harding Ice Fields Trail is a  8.2-mile round trip. The trail features a waterfall and is used for hiking, running, camping, and bird watching. The best time to hike is from May until October. Harding Icefield is a large expanse of ice covering 700 square miles. Hiking through Harding Ice Field rewards you with breathtaking views.

Six Mile Creek

Six Mile Creek is the most accessible whitewater run in Alaska. It is also the most loved area by kayakers. You get to flow through the rugged Chugach Mountains of the Kenai Peninsula. It has 3 distinct canyons with different difficulty levels. The river has sheer walls, sharp rocks and few eddies which makes it problematic for anyone unfamiliar with the river. Before you go kayaking make sure to read all the guidelines.

 Clam Gulch

Clam Gulch is famous for fishing also with thousands of razor clams harvested annually from the sandy beaches. It is the best place for clamming, all you need is a valid license and a few safety pointers. Every year thousands of razor clams are harvested.

If you are not into digging your own clam there are other activities like camping, Snowmobiling in Caribou Hills, Beachcombing and Wildlife watching

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