Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park lies in Northwestern Alaska, in the United States. This park is a remote and large wilderness area which is a vast region of monuments and national parks. And it is located 25 miles north of the arctic circle. The Kobuk river cuts through the middle of the national park that spreads around 61 miles across the area. 

This park has many natural features like the Kobuk River Valley that includes Kobuk, Salmon, and other rivers. The number of visitors to this park is almost 10,000 people per year and that includes the native people as well. Here you can see the slow-moving westward flowing river called Kobuk river that is 1500 feet at its wide and it lies in a shallow valley that separates Baird Mountain in the northern half of the national park from the mountain called the Waring Mountains on the southern boundary of the park. Looking at the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, it has crests that rise to heights of about 100 feet above the surrounding area and it covers about 25 square miles of the Kobuk River. You can also see the little Kobuk Sand Dunes nearby. 

Kobuk Valley National Park is located between the tundra and the boreal forest. You can see thousands of caribou that move between their south of the waring mountains, winter breeding grounds, north of the Baird mountains, summer calving grounds. Even the animals like moose, foxes, wolves, and migrating birds will come to this park only during the summer. The only soles of the park is a wood frog which is a cold-blooded creature that survives in the icy winters and wakes up in the spring. 


Visitors should consider the weather and everything they do. You must be a skilled backcountry explorer and be familiar with surviving in the rain, wind, and snow, only in the summer. The temperature during summer will rise up to mid- 60 F that will even rise up to 80 F. You might feel hard to sleep in the night and so you are required to bring a sleep mask that helps you to have a good sleep and other accessories you need. Even though the climate is warm during summer there are many possibilities of snow any time of the year. During winter only the outdoor people who want to experience arctic camping and winter survival techniques are recommended. So, please do check the weather forecast and be prepared for any type of climate.

Activities to do in the Kobuk Valley National Park

The activities which you can do in the Kobuk Valley National Park include hiking, camping, fishing, boating, fly-overs, and visiting the famous Great Kobuk Sand Dunes. For every activity, you will have to be well prepared and you will have to receive your transportation to the park and your pick-up. To know more about your trip preparations, please do contact the Northwest Arctic Heritage Center. 

How many days do you need in the Kobuk National Park?

The days you want to stay in the Kobuk National Park are totally up to you! You will have to plan accordingly with all the safety measures. If you have planned for hiking or camping, you might need a couple of days and for small activities like fishing, boating, or sightseeing you need to be for a day or two. Before you get there, just make sure that you have your departure method secured. Don’t get stuck somewhere in the park. Make sure you contact your pilot to come to get you at the location you ask for. 

Things To Do in Kobuk Valley National Park:

Kobuk Valley is the best place to experience adventurous activities. The park is most popular for winter activity like snowmobiling and skiing. Hiking and backpacking also gives you a unique experience as the park has no designated campgrounds and no road access. Make sure to pack everything you need for your trip to explore the wilderness.

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Flightseeing
  • Wildlife watching
  • Photography
  • Fishing
  • Aurora-viewing

Places To View In Kobuk Valley National Park:

With over 1.75 million acres of boreal forest and mountains Kobuk Valley has lots to explore. The park is in a remote area with less number of visit, which make a good reason for people who want privacy to enjoy and explore the wilderness.

  • Onion Portage
  • Great Kobuk Sand Dunes
  • Salmon River
  • Kotzebue Loop
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