Places to Visit in Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley National Park is the perfect destination to spend your holidays in summer and even in winter. If you like to see the aurora Kobuk Valley is an excellent place for aurora-viewing in the winter. During winter the park is the popular spot for snowmobiling, skiing and dog mushing. During summer you can go hiking and kayaking.

Kobuk Valley is a landscape with sand dunes, lakes and rivers. You get to experience plenty of adventurous activities. Here we have mentioned the top places to visit in Kobuk Valley.

Sand Dunes in Kobuk Valley National Park

Kobuk Valley is home to three sand Dunes located on the south side of the Kobuk River. 

  • The Great Kobuk Sand Dunes
  • Little Kobuk Sand Dunes 
  • The Hunt River Dunes. 

The dune fields cover over 200,000 acres of Kobuk Valley National Park. Great Kobuk Sand Dunes are the most popular sights in the park and also the largest and most accessible of the three dune fields. The sand dune rises out of the trees along the southern bank of the Kobuk River. These dunes offer you plenty of activities.

Onion Portage 

Onion Portage, also known as Paatitaaq in Iñupiaq. There are wild onions along the Kobuk River. These are called Paatitaaq, or Onion Portage by the locals. The best time to visit is during the summer when the shore is calm and beautiful. You get to see a stunning view of Jade Mountains and the blue river which is truly a treat to eyes. Onion Portage is the perfect place in the park for wildlife watching. You get to see a flock of ducks landing on the river and even bears searching for salmon.

Salmon River

Salmon River is said to be a wild river in the national wild and scenic rivers system. The  river flows for 70 miles in the park from Mt. Angayukaqsraq, the highest peak in the national park. The river is known for large salmon runs, which have chum and pink salmon, and also support a grayling fishery.

If you like to take  float trips to Salmon River, you can take a flight to the Anaktok-Sheep Creek where a plane can land on a gravel bar. You can even reach by flight from Kotzebue or Kiana. Kayaking is allowed in the river only if you are an expert get into the water.

Kotzebue Loop

Kotzebue Loop is a 8-mile trail which heads out of the town of Kotzebue. As you hike along the loop you get to walk through the beach and shoreline of the Kotzebue, since the town is on the water. If you like bird watching, the trail offers excellent birding opportunities. The best time to hike through the loop is summer.

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