Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve is a land of beauty that lies 150 miles southwest of Anchorage, which is at the north end of Alaska. This area’s scenic beauty includes massive glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, and wild rivers. The bears forage, craggy mountains, salmon run, volcanoes steam altogether reflects in the turquoise lakes. The people who live there still depend on the water and the land. This park area also offers a habitat for the fish and other wildlife including the watershed for red salmon. Lake Clark National Park provides a wilderness experience for the people who visit. 

How do you get there?

There is no road access to Lake Clark National Park. The only access to the Lake Clark National Park is by a small aircraft. The floatplanes will land on many of the lakes throughout the park. And the wheeled planes land on the private airstrips, beaches, or the gravel bars which are inside or near the park. From Anchorage, Homer, or Kenai, you will have access to most of the places within the park by one or two hours flight. There are also scheduled commercial flights between Iliamna and Anchorage.

The weather of Lake Clark National Park

From June to August the average temperature will be around 50F and 65F which is considerable. Weather conditions in this area might change suddenly and so you will have to check the forecast and bring all the essentials needed for yourself. Snow can occur in the months of September and October. In the month of mid-summer evenings, frost is also expected. During winter, the temperature will be around -40 F and even strong winds can occur at any time. 

Activities to do in the Lake Clark National Park

The activities to do in Lake Clark National Park include backpacking or hiking, fishing, rafting, wildlife viewing, and kayaking. The Lake Clark Visitor Center which is in Port Alsworth offers displays that give a clear explanation and up-to-date information on the activities and the conditions which are followed in the park. The park is opened throughout the year but most of the visitors will come in between the months of June and September.

Place to Visit in Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark is has a diverse environments prefect to all the adventure seekers. The park has three scenic rivers — Chilikadrotna, Tlikakila, and Mulchatna that have long been favorite destination for rafters and paddlers. There are many place to explore in the park you get to explore the wilderness of the park.

  • Turquoise Lake
  • Chilikadrotna River
  • Mulchatna River
  • Turquoise Valley
  • Chilikadrotna River


There are no user fees or admission fees for non-commercial visitors.

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