National Park of American Samoa

The National Park of American Samoa means ‘sacred earth’ is located across three islands- Tutuila, Ofu, and Tau. This park and preserve offer glistening beaches, cliffs, biologically rich coral reefs, and tropical rainforests occupied by many unique birds and fish. The park protects fruit bats and the Salmon culture. 

American Samoa contains five inhabited volcanic islands that are clothed in the tropical rainforests. The measurement of the park is about 9,100 acres of land and ocean for protection and preservation. The National Park of American Samoa is the only US national park that is located in the southern hemisphere.  

Weather at the National Park of American Samoa

The National Park of American Samoa has rain and humidity with heavy rainfall from the month of November through May. You can also count the days consistently with humidity at 80 degrees Fahrenheit which occurs frequently, short-lived, and rainfall will cool the islands throughout the day. During the summer seasons, the weather is just opposite to the continental US because this park lies in the south of the equator.

Best Time To Visit National Park of American Samoa

The best time to visit Samoa is between June to September, when get the perfect weather for hiking. During June to September the weather is drier and the humidity is lower. Samoa is located in the South Pacific near to the Equator. Average daily temperatures is around 28-30°C throughout the year.


American Samoa consists of five different rainforest communities which provides a good ecosystem for many tropical birds and exotic animals. There are many species like fruit bats, flying fox which can be spotted feeding, soaring, or while sleeping on the trees. You can also see tropical doves and honeyeaters which have made the rainforest their home. There are marine animals like sea turtles, whales, and over 950 types of tropical fish that are found in this park. 

Activities to do in the National Park of American Samoa 

  • Start at the visitor’s center in Pago Pago
  • Snorkel coral reefs on Ofu island
  • Visit Forbidden Bay on Tutuila Island
  • Go scuba diving at Fagatele Bay
  • Explore the National Park’s rainforest birds
  • Relax on Ofu beaches
  • Live like a local in Samoan villages
  • Visit historic WWII sites on Tutuila Island
  • Visit Jean P. Haydon Museum in Pago Pago
  • Go whale watching near Namua
  • Watch a Fiafia dance show
  • Watch the sunset and spend a night star gazing
  • Visit the sacred site of Saua on Tau island

Places To Visit in National Park of American Samoa

National Park of American Samoa is a hidden gem with acres of tropical rainforest, pristine beaches and coral reefs. The park has one-third surface underwater, where you get to explore the unseen world. To fully experience the park, you need to explore both the land and the water.

  • Mount ‘Alava
  • Pago Pago Harbour
  • Pola Island
  • Lower Sauma Ridge Trail
  • Matafao
  • Rainmaker Mountain
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