Places to Visit in Petrified Forest National Park

Petrified Forest National Park is the one of the coolest and only national park sites that contains a segment of the historic alignment. The park is about 170 square miles, each year, about 800,000 people visit Petrified Forest. The park is a desert area containing plant and animal fossils. The park has lots to offer from hiking to sightseeing. Here we have mentioned the top place to visit in Petrified Forest

Crystal Forest

Crystal Forest is a 0.75 mile loop trail through the badlands. The trail is an easy hiking loop taking you to a huge collection of rainbow petrified logs. You get to experience a close up view of ancient trees turned into stones.

Most of the people visit the park to view the fossilized trees of the Crystal Forest. It is said that the trees were formed 225 million years ago during the Triassic period. These trees have a high concentration of crystals inside the trees.

Painted Desert Rim

Painted Desert Rim Trail is a 1.9 kilometer moderately trafficked trail located near Chambers. The trail offers scenic views suitable for all skill levels of hikers. The trail gives the opportunity to encounter many species of plants and animals. The trail also rewards with a spectacular view of the desert . If you are a photographer you get to capture some stunning landscapes. Painted Desert Rim is mainly used as hiking and walking. 

Jasper Forest

The Jasper Forest hike is a 2.5 miles trail that begins at the Jasper Forest overlook, and the path drops into a small drainage near the parking lot. The trail takes you to an old 1930’s road through a stunning garden of petrified wood. Jasper Forest was called “First Forest” because it was the first collection of petrified wood that travelers encountered.

The trail leads past some large petrified logs and into the valley giving you an amazing view of a large valley that is covered in petrified wood. The trail is suitable for all levels of hiker and for kids.

Agate Bridge

Agate Bridge is located ten miles from the southern entrance of Petrified Forest National Park. Agate Bridge is also called Natural Bridge. This bridge is one of the most popular landmarks of Petrified Forest. They even have a small parking area for cars. You cannot walk over the bridge since the three have been there for more than 200 million years. You get to see the bridge from the sidewalk near the parking lot. If you want to get a closer look there is also a 125 foot path.

kachina Point

Kachina Point is located about 2 miles from the north entrance of Petrified Forest. It is an easily accessible trail suitable for all level hikers. The trail provides access to the northern wilderness area unit. The trail rewards you with a stunning view of the valley.

Rainbow Forest

The Rainbow Forest Complex is located on the Colorado Plateau in Petrified Forest.  Rainbow Forest is accessible through the Giant Logs trail and the Long Logs trail. The trail is known for its rainbow-colored logs. You also get to see the giant colorful logs. 

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