Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park lies in the South of Arizona and it is America’s first national park created mainly to protect plant species. Saguaro cactus dominates the Saguaro National Park and the plant only grows in the Sonoran Desert. Even though the Saguaro National Park is a desert, its plant thrives there. This park consists of rugged mountain ranges and desert flats. 

Saguaro National Park is the best place for visiting not only for the plant but it also has hundreds of species of grasses, cacti, flowers, shrubs, mammals, reptiles, birds, and trees. And even the park looks very attractive and scenic. The cactus is the universal symbol of Tucson and the western USA. You have so much to take in when you visit this beautiful park. 

The park also has camping amenities and numerous hiking trails that go through the amazing desert scenery and everything like shops, restaurants, and galleries of Tucson very is easy to reach. This park has two districts: East and West. 

Eastern section: It is also called the Rincon Mountain District with low cacti. But it is the best place for camping inside the park and it also offers trails. The Rincon Mountains form a stunning backdrop which is good for photography.

Western section: It is also called the Tucson Mountain District which has more cacti. And this section is a more popular section of the park where there are more roads and trails. 

If you want to get between these two sections of the national park, you will have to take a one-hour drive through the city of Tucson. 

Activities to do in the Saguaro National Park Tucson Mountain District (West)

  • Get a First View of the Cactus-Dotted Landscape from Gates Pass Overlook
  • Visit the Red Hills Visitor Center
  • Drive the Bajada Scenic Loop
  • See Petroglyphs at Signal Hill
  • Hike the King Canyon Trail to Wasson Peak
  • Camp at the Gilbert Ray Campground

Activities to do in the Saguaro National Park Rincon Mountain District (East)

  • Drive the Cactus Forest Scenic Loop
  • Hike the Mica View and Loma Verde Trails

Activities to do anywhere in the Saguaro National Park 

  • Enjoy the Beautiful Spring Wildflowers
  • Take a Photo Next to the Largest Saguaro Cactus You Can Find

Saguaro National Park Visitor Information

  • Saguaro National Park visitor centers in both the districts are open everyday except on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Vehicles are allowed everyday from sunrise to sunset in Tucson Mountain District.
  • Vehicles are allowed everyday from 7 a.m. to sunset in Tucson Mountain District.
  • Cyclists and Hikers are allowed to enter the park at any time. 
  • The entrance fees vary depending on how you enter the park. 
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