Places To Visit in Hot Springs National Park

Hot Spring National Park is a hidden ecological gem. It is a popular destination for its thermal waters. The park has an ecosystem that Supports 47 Naturally Heated Springs. If your are a hiker this should be on your bucket list as the park has 26 miles of hiking trail. The park also has breathtaking views which inspire photographers. Hot Springs National Park is one of the best national parks to relax and escape from your busy world. Here we have mentioned the top places to visit in Hot Springs National Park.

Goat Rock Trail

Goat Rock Trail is a 2.6 miles out and back trail. The start of the trail is easy as you go along the trail the path gets uneven and rocky. The route has various switch backs, where you can look over the stunning views. The trail leads you through dense forest and open meadows.

The trailhead starts from the overlook on North Mountain. Watch out for the ston bars on the trail. The trail rewards you with breathing views. The trail is a great spot for photography and wildlife watching.

Buckstaff Bathhouse

Buckstaff Bathhouse is one of the eight bathhouses that is built over the natural hot spring. It is the only remaining traditional Thermal bathhouse. It was started in the 1900s which still offers mineral bath, sitz bath, steam and Swedish massages.

The bathhouse has operational hours and holidays. Before you plan your visit make sure to check out the operational hours of the bathhouse. This is one of the best places in the park to relax and relieve all your stress. As the place is popular with plenty of visitors everyday so be prepared to face the queue. 

Hot Springs Mountain Tower

 It takes you 216 feet to the observation area where you get to view the stunning panoramic view of Hot Spring Mountain, Ouachita Mountain and Diamond Lake. Hot Springs Mountain Tower one for the must to activity in the park. The upper observation deck is open-air which is 1,256 feet above sea level. The lower base of the tower has exhibits and local history.

After seeing the tower, if you like to hike there are plenty of option for you. Hot Springs and North Mountain trail, Grand Promenade and Oertel Trail are few options. 

Sunset Trail

Sunset trail is the longest trail in the park it covers over 10 miles which is one way the complete loop is 15 to 17 mile. The trail takes you to a more remote area of the park. If you like to explore all types of terrain, Sunset Trail is the best option to hike. The trail is divided in three sections West Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Stonebridge Road.

Sunset Trail is the perfect hike to escape from the crowd and enjoy nature. The trail is rated as difficult and it is not recommended for beginners. The trail rewards you with some stunning views and even bird watching. Sunset Trail is the most popular bird watching trail in the park.

Gulpha Gorge Trail

Gulpha Gorge Trail is a 1.2 mile out and back trail. It is a scenic trail that takes you to dramatic valley. The trail is used for hiking and bird watching. The trail begins a steep descent and the route drops away steeply. You get to enjoy the stunning views of the Gulpha Gorge. There are water bars and other technical features. Be careful as you go through the trail. As you reach the bottom of the trail you get to enjoy the breathtaking view.

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