Best National Parks For Bird Watching in Summer

Most of us visit national parks for the chance to spot the iconic wildlife of the national park. Most of the time we only focus on big animals, but up in the sky, you can find beautiful small species of birds. Every year more than 900 species of birds are spotted in the U.S and national parks are the hotspots for migrating birds. 

Bird watching is a lot more than just watching. Observing birds in their natural habitat, and you also get to see unfamiliar species. You also learn to be in the moment forgetting your busy life and phone. Here we have listed the top national park for bird watching in summer.

Gateway National Park

Gateway National Park has more than 375 species. You get to find them in the Atlantic Flyway as they migrate along the Atlantic Flyway. Some are migratory bird, and others are year-round. The park has incredible landscape giving perfect habitat for birds to migrate

Jamaica Bay is a most popular wetland where you can spot all types of birds from shorebirds to waterfowl. If you’re new to birding Gateway offers programs for beginners at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and Sandy Hook.

Bird Watching At Gateway National Park

  • Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, 
  • Floyd Bennett Field’s North Forty, 
  • Great Kills Park
  • Sandy Hook

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley is an immersive landscape with wide diversity making it hotspot for birding. The park has more than 357 species of birds.  If you want to watch seasonal birds or just enjoy bird watching, Death Valley is a top spot for birding. When you go for birding in summer make sure to wear loose clothing that provides sun protection, a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. As the temperature in Death Valley during summer is high.

Bird Watching At Death Valley National Park

  • Saratoga Spring 
  • Furnace Creek Ranch
  • Scotty’s Castle 
  • Wildrose 
  • High Panamints

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend is one of the best locations for birding, it offers exciting birding for all skill levels. The park is also a unique birding destination located on the Mexican border, which gives you a chance to spot migrate birds. Big Bend has more than 360 species of birds like Zone-tailed Hawk, Common Black Hawk, Greater Roadrunners, and Vermillion Flycatcher and more.

Bird Watching At Big Bend National Park

  • Rio Grande Village 
  • Chisos Mountains 
  • Cottonwood Campground 
  • Dugout Wells 
  • Sam Nail Ranch 
  • Blue Creek

Acadia National Park

experience. The park offers opportunities to see a variety of birds throughout the year. The Park Service gives a detailed list of birds that are spotted within Acadia’s borders. They also give tips on the best place for bird watching. 

They also host the annual Acadia Birding Festival which is hosted by a local nonprofit, and sponsors lectures. Where you can go for field trips, and journeys by boat to study sea birds.

Bird Watching At Acadia National Park

  • Thompson Island
  • Carriage Road
  • Otter Point.
  • Sieur de Monts Springs
  • Jordan Pond
  • Western Mountains
  • Cadillac Mountain
  • Schoodic Peninsula

Everglades National Park

The Everglade is the most significant breeding ground for birds. The swamps and mangrove forests give the perfect habitat for more than 280 species of birds. This also makes stopover habitat for birds migrating along the Atlantic Flyway. Backcountry birding tour by boat is the most popular activity in Everglades. You get to experience getting connected to nature.

 Bird Watching At Everglades National Park

  • Anhinga Trail 
  • Mahogany Hammock & Vicinity 
  • Paurotis Pond 
  • Nine Mile Pond
  • Eco Pond
  • Snake Bight Trail

Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands is recognized as an important breeding and resting area for a variety of landbirds, shorebirds, and seabirds. The park has a wide ecosystem which attracts the birds and even the migratory birds. Channel Island is a world-class destination for bird watching you get to see landbirds as well as seabirds

Bird Watching At Channel Islands National Park

  • Prisoners Harbor
  • Scorpion Ranch
  • Santa Rosa 
  • San Miguel Islands
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