Best National Parks for Summer Kayaking

Hello Folks!! Here is the perfect time to plan adventure trips for the summer. One of the best activities to do in this season is ‘Kayaking’. Kayaking is a good sport that can be done for exercise, competition, or passion. And this activity will help you to enjoy nature and make a bond with the kayakers. First, you will have to see the best place with good weather and amazing scenic view. There are many options in terms of what kind of kayaking you would like to try. They include flatwater kayaking, white water kayaking, and go fishing with a kayak, etc. Many kayakers wonder where to find the unique parks to kayak in America. Here we have the best national parks for kayaking during summer.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National Park is one of the beautiful national parks located in Maine, United States. Its rugged natural coastline is the best way to see the mesmerizing scenery. People who are willing to go kayaking are recommended to take a guide because the ocean might create difficult conditions like rough seas and tides. You also have an option of public boat ramps in northeast harbor and southwest harbor, bar harbor, etc. Mount Desert Island is the best location for ocean kayaking. You can also experience freshwater kayaking. 

Sea Kayaking: With an amazing view, Somes Sound and Freshmans Bay offer you a unique and different experience for ocean kayaking. You can see public ramps in Tremont and Seal Cove that provide access to Blue Hill Bay. There is also one more ramp in the Manset Town Landing. If you take the town of Bar Harbor, you will feel it is very much congested but it has an extra-wide ramp that is accessible at high tide. 

The Cranberry Islands which is located at the south of Mount Desert Island forms a windbreak for the entrance from Somes Sound to Mount Desert Island and the harbors of Northeast Harbor and Southwest Harbor. These islands also include Bakers Island which is owned by Acadia National Park. And these destinations are very popular for sea kayakers. You can also see Bartlett Narrows and Pretty Marsh Harbor that is along the western shores of Mount Desert which is also popular for kayaking. You can find access to oceans via the Bartlett Narrows boat ramp or at the Seal Cove to the south. 

Freshwater Kayaking: Kayaking and rentals and canoeing tours abound on Mount Desert Island and the park offers to visit the places via water.

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Glacier Bay National Park is one of the beautiful National Parks located in Alaska. Sea Kayaking is an excellent way to experience the wilderness and the solitude of Glacier Bay. When you go kayaking or when you float by, you will be surrounded by mounts from Glacier and you will also see the amazing places in all of the US. Kayaking trips start from Bartlett Cove or the kayakers can use the camper drop-off service to start a trip. You will have to make reservations in advance for kayak rentals and drop-off services. There are also options like guided day trips and overnight kayak trips. And explore the West Arm of Glacier Bay, which is known as the premier sea kayak destination in the state.

Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Kenai Fjords National Park is one of the perfect places to go kayaking. This park has a beautiful coastline that includes rocky and striking terrain, and there is no better view than from the water. It is like a paddling experience where hundreds of kayakers go in and outside the state just to experience nature while sailing the waters. To enjoy kayaking, the best time to go is from the month of May through August where it provides the perfect weather. But you should also be prepared for unforeseen weather conditions like storms, rainfall, cold temperature, etc. 

The distance to kayak is about 47,300 miles from the northernmost region that reaches the Beaufort Sea which is near Barrow to the southeast region along the northwestern edge of British Columbia. For the paddlers who are experienced, there is an opportunity to have a solo kayaking adventure within the Kenai Fjords area. Whereas, the new paddlers have an opportunity for self kayaking but they will have to follow the rules and regulations. If you are not familiar with the terrain, you can find a kayak tour guide in that area. And if you want to kayak deep inside the coastline, you can rent a boat from the shoreline and it will drop you into the ocean. 

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

Isle Royale National Park is the largest island in the largest freshwater lake in the world and it is located in Michigan. This park is not a well-known national park but it offers some of the best kayaking in Michigan. It has many bays, lakes, and islands where you can explore a lot. Isle Royale is one of the perfect inland sea kayaking haunts in the United States. Here, in Isle Royale, experience is not necessary. The sea kayaking tour includes basic instruction by the professional American Canoe Association Instructors, state-of-the-art Boreal Design single or tandem sea kayaks, use of modern, new kayak gear & equipment, and professional guides. 

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park is one of the beautiful parks for Kayaking and it is located in Wyoming. You will enjoy exclusive access to Jackson Lake for kayaking. Jackson lake is a huge, cold, and deep mountain snow-fed lake. The water temperature is around 45 degrees Fahrenheit during summer. You can bring your fishing rods because it is a great place for fishing. 

There are many islands and coves which are small and large to explore. It might take months to see everything in a kayak. And you will have to be prepared and capable of kayaking up to 7 miles in calm to rough conditions that include variable weather conditions and choppy waters. You will also find a professional guide and instructions within the park. The weather in the afternoon might create an issue, so plan in the morning. If you are going on a kayak in Jackson Lake, you will not find much of a crowd and you can experience the beauty of nature.

Everglades National Park, Florida

Everglades National Park is one of the best places to go kayaking and it offers many different options. The popular place to kayak in Everglades National Park is through mangrove forests in Florida Bay, freshwater marsh, Flamingo, the Turner River, and Halfway Creek. The coolest way to explore this park is by boat, especially by kayak or canoe. You can get close to crocodiles, alligators, and dolphins along the way. People who love kayaking will surely take up the Nine Mile Pond which is accessible from the main park road and Hell’s Bay and that is amazing for paddling through the mangroves. 

There are many trails to kayaking like the 9-mile pond, the coast bay and mud lake trail, the Hell’s Bay trail, the Noble Hammock trail, the West Lake trail are in the Flamingo and Homestead region. The Turner River, the Halfway Creek trail, the Sand-fly Loop trail, the Indian Key Pass trail are off the Gulf Coast and the Tamiami trail region. You have 10,000 islands from Turner River to the Everglades National Park and there are many route possibilities to choose from. So be prepared and make sure you do some research before you go. 

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