Death Valley Winter Guide

Death Valley located in eastern California, in the northern Mojave Desert. Death Valley is one of the hottest and driest national parks in the world. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Death Valley was 134°F on July 10, 1913. 

In summer the temperature reaches 120°F during day time, during the night it drops up to 90°F. During summer it is the hottest place on the earth, which makes it difficult for you to explore the valley during the daytime. You need to take some safety measures before you go trekking.

But during winter the Death Valley turns into paradise, with a clear sky and sunny day. Winter is the perfect season to explore the valley. In winter the average temperature ranges from 60°F to 70°F with overnight the temperature drops to 30°F. Winter gives you pleasant weather for hiking.

Best Time to Visit Death Valley in Winter

The best times to visit Lake Tahoe during winter are from December through March. Winter is the perfect weather in Death valley to explore and for camping.

Things to Do in Death Valley in Winter

Bad water Basin Crossing: It is a trail adventure through the salt plates. The total length is 6.5 miles, it takes around a full day to complete the cross, if you are fed up you can return back or arrange for someone to pick you.

Darwin Falls: It is a 25 to 30 ft waterfall near the Panamint spring, it is a small waterfall surrounded by greenery in the middle of the desert.

Zabriskie Point: It is the easiest and short trial landing to an amazing viewpoint.

Sky-Watching During Night: During night Death Valley give the best view, the sky will be filled with stars. Death Valley is one of the best places to gaze at the stars. If you don’t have high-end optics you can ask the park ranger to provide you a high-power telescopes

Expenses to Visit Death Valley 

Entry fee to Death Valley:

  • $10 per person to enter Death Valley for a 7-day pass.
  • For a private vehicle, you have to pay $20 for a 7-day pass
  • You can pay $40 for a one-year pass which includes all the people with you.

Fee for commercial vehicles to Death Valley. The fee depends on the size of the vehicle:

  • Vehicle that has a capacity of 6 people cost $25 entry fee
  • Vehicle with a capacity of 7 to 15 people cost $75 entry fee
  • Vehicle with a capacity of 16 to 25 people cost 
  • Vehicle with a capacity of 26 people or more cost $200 entry fee

The cost of camping in Death Valley. The camping cost varies for each campground:

  • Sunset Campground: The campground has 270 sites with flush toilets, and dump station. It cost $20 per night for a tent site, for an RV site it cost $30 per night
  • Stovepipe Wells Campground: The campground has 160 sites with a dump station, firewood, and flush toilets. It cost $14 per night.
  • Texas Springs Campground: The campground has 92 sites at $16 per night with a dump station, water, and flush toilets. 
  • Furnace Creek Campground: The campground has 136 sites with flush toilets, fire pits, and tables. For 9 to 15 people and up to 4 vehicles, it cost $35.
  • Wild rose Campground: The campground has 23 sites which is free with Trash Collection water. 
  • Emigrant Campground: The campground has 23 sites which is free with Trash Collection water. 
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