Places to Visit in Death Valley National Park

Death Valley has an extreme landscape with endless adventures. It is the hottest, and driest national park. You get to experience a different world with endless desert plains and unique formation ridges. If you are an adventure seeker you will love Death Valley. The best time to visit winter check out the Death Valley Winter Guide. Here we have mentioned the top places to visit in Death Valley

Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point is one of the most photographed area in the park. It has stunning landscape that you shouldn’t miss. The ridges of gold, orange, and brown earth looks spectacular in the morning or late afternoon.

You can hike to Zabriskie Point, which is a 7.8-mile hiking trail. The trail leads to stunning views and unique formation. Sunset at Zabriskie Point is the most popular and also easy location to access. The spot is crowded during sunset as the colors dance all over the unique mountains and provide a rich set of orange and red hues.

Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin is the lowest point of land in the western hemisphere. The trail is through the salt plates. The trail length is 6.5 miles to complete the trail for at least a day. Before you start your hike make sure to pack plenty of water.  

It is surrounded by mountains and rimmed with salt. The best time to hike through the rim is morning and early evening. Avoid hiking in the afternoon, the rim gets extremely hot. The best part of Badwater Basin is the sunset and sunrise when you get a stunning view.

The Racetrack

The Racetrack is a scenic dry lake and unique attraction of Death Valley. Driving offroad is strictly prohibited as the desert is very fragile and vehicle tracks can remain for year.  Racetrack is a huge dried mud bed, you get to see stones of various sizes. Many tourists visit the Racetrack. It’s a dry lakebed which is located in a very remote and beautiful area. On the north end of the area  is a rock formation known as the grandstands.

Dantes View

Dante’s View is  is a viewpoint terrace towering 5,575 ft above Badwater Basin. It is a favorite spot for photographers. It is one of the most popular overlooks in Death Valley because it offers panoramic views. The view from every direction is breathtaking. It is one for the fantastic place to watch both sunrise and sunset.

Devil’s Golf Course

The Devil’s Golf Course is a large salt pan of the Death Valley, located in the Mojave Desert, The name was given due to the 1934 National Park Service guide book to Death Valley National Monument stating that ‘only the devil could play golf’. This was mentioned due to a rough texture from the large halite salt crystal formations. It covers a distance of about 40 miles. The terrain is uneven and sharp, so there are high chances to get cuts, twisted ankles, and broken bones.

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