Joshua Tree National Park Location And How To Reach It?

Joshua Tree National Park stretches about 1,235 square miles across the Colorado deserts and the Mojave. Joshua Tree National Park lies in southeastern California. You can see so much creativity and it is also worth visiting this park. This national park is inspired by many artists along with beautiful landscapes. 

The national park offers many activities like camping, hiking, rock climbing, etc. The best campground in the Joshua Tree National Park is the Jumbo Rocks Campground. It is also one of the best national parks for car camping. Many types of plants and animals make their home in the land created by strong winds and rain. 

Entrances and how to reach Joshua Tree National Park?

Three park entrance stations:

  • West Entrance- It is located just five miles south of the junction of Highway 62 and Park Boulevard at Joshua Tree Village.
  • North Entrance- It is located in Twentynine Palms, which is about three miles south of the junction of Highway 62 and Utah Trail.
  • South Entrance- It is located near Cottonwood Spring which is an access point along with Interstate 10 and is about 25 miles east of Indio.

You can take a few hour’s drives from a few metropolitan areas to the Joshua Tree National Park. This park is located about 222 miles west of Phoenix in Arizona, 215 miles southwest of Las Vegas in Nevada, 175 miles northeast of San Diego, and 140 miles east of Los Angeles. 

You don’t have to follow or rely on the GPS directions to reach this national park because the navigation systems will sometimes make you follow the backcountry roads with soft sand which will make your travel difficult to reach the destination. Public Transportation to the Joshua Tree National Park is limited. 

The fastest way to reach Joshua Tree National Park is by flying directly into the Palm Springs International Airport which is a closed airport. And it takes about an hour’s drive from the south and west entrances of the park. 

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