Places to Visit in Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon has a diverse landscape with huge mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, and vast caverns. The park is also home for the world’s largest trees. There are endless opportunities for adventure seekers. If you are a photographer be ready to click some of the breathtaking views. If you want to hike the park has the longest trail of 83 miles and even short trails. Here we have given the top places that you should view in Kings Canyon National Park.

John Muir Wilderness

The John Muir Trail is a  83.70 mile trail that runs through Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. It takes about three weeks to complete the trail, many portions of the trail are often used by backpackers, hikers and runners. The trail rewards you with breathtaking views and you even get to spot the wildlife. If you like bird watching do not forget to bring your binoculars. The park has over 200 species of birds where most of them can be seen in this area.

The difficulty in John Muir Trail is the terrain and length of the trail. Along the trip you get to go through ascend and descend 11 mountain passes, which is over 12,000 feet. The trail is not recommended for beginners. If you are an adventure seeker John Muir Trail is a must to do in Kings Canyon.

General Grant Loop Trail

General Grant Trail is a 0.70 mile, loop trail near Cedar Grove. It is a short and easy to hike trail. The trail has one of the world’s largest living trees. These trees are well preserved by the park. The trail can be completed within 18 minutes, but as you look around the gigantic tree and the beautiful views it will take more time. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 18 min t One of the world’s largest living trees. 

As you enter the park one route into the park first passes through the separate Grant Grove section. You get to see several groves of giant sequoia, surrounded by regular forests. The trail not only has these amazing trees but also you get to watch the pleasant view of sunlight touching through the leaves and branches.

Zumwalt Meadows

Zumwalt Meadow gives you the most scenic view with the powerful rock formations of the canyon. You get to see the glorious views in spring, and even in summer and fall. Zumwalt Meadows is a self-guided 1.5-mile loop trail. The trail offers views of granite walls, verdant meadows, and free-flowing Kings River. 

The trail is easy to hike and is paved with a flat path perfect for hiking with our family. The trail has the combination of dramatic scenery, the roaring Kings River, a lush meadow, and the perfect place for wildlife viewing.

Roaring River Falls

Roaring River Falls Trail is a very short, shady walk the trail lead you to a waterfall rushing through a granite chute. The trail is paved, and accessible. It is one of only two short paths in the Kings Canyon, It is also the most hiked trail by visitors. The trail even has a wheelchair-accessible footpath to the waterfall. the last in a sequence of cascades as the river drops by 200 feet at the lower end of a deep, narrow, granite gorge.

The falls is located just off Generals Highway in the Cedar Grove Area of Kings Canyon National Park, the short but violent waterfall can be reached on a paved 0.3-mile round trip hike.  Although not stable in early summer when the snows are melting.

Mist Falls

Mist Falls Trail is a 4 mile, out and back trail. The trail to Mist Falls is one of the most popular in the park. The trail is perfect for day hikers and  families for a hike. The hike to the falls is easy because of the flat path. The falls is 45ft which is in the route of Paradise Valley. As you finish your hike to the falls, you can continue on to Paradise Valley.

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