Lassen Volcanic National Park Location And How To Reach It?

Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in northern California which takes about three hours from northeast of Sacramento. This national park is home to meadows covered with wildflowers, many volcanoes, mountain lakes, and steaming fumaroles. 

Entrances to the Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park has two entrance stations on both the end of the 30-mile park highway. The park has three extra roads that provide access to the remote places to the northeast and southeast corners of the park. From northwest and southwest entrances, vehicle access is limited for about one mile, especially during the snow from November through May.

Before you travel to know about the roads, you will have to check the status of the roads. Get to know more about the remote area roads and park highway

How to reach Lassen Volcanic National Park?

Most of the visitors to the Lassen Volcanic National Park start by taking a drive through a 30-mile park highway. You can start your drive from the northwest or southwest entrance. 


Redding, California; Sacramento, California; and Reno, Nevada are the nearby airports to the park. And there is no public transportation in or within this national park.

Visitor Center Addresses

  • Loomis Museum (Northwest Entrance): 29489 Lassen National Park Hwy, Shingletown, CA 96088
  • Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center (Southwest Entrance): 21820 Lassen National Park Hwy, Mineral, CA 96063

Travel Tips

  • Slow down and enjoy your drive
  • Before you enter the park, fill up your gas tank
  • Use pullouts
  • Give 3 feet to bicyclists 
  • Visitors traveling for commercial or business purposes should have a commercial travel permit. 
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