Indiana Dunes National Park

Indiana Dunes National Park is located in northwestern Indiana. The park is spread over 2,000 acres. From sand dunes, woodlands, and wetlands you need more than one day to explore Indiana Dunes

Beaches are the major attraction of Indiana Dunes you can go for paddling or fishing. The dunes create beautiful landscapes for hiking and a favorite spot for photographers. During summer the park is the hotspot in U.S. 

The park was established in 1923 and was designated in 2019 previously it was a national lakeshore. With beautiful beaches, challenging hike, and summer night camp Indiana Dunes should be on your bucket list.

Best Time to Visit Indiana Dunes National Park:

The best time to visit Indiana Dunes National Park in spring and fall. When you can expect moderate daytime which is perfect for hiking. You can also find wildflowers or changing leaves. The lower humidity and fewer bugs give comfortable weather. Summer is the most popular time to visit the park perfect for beach weather. In winter, you can cross-country ski or snowshoe.

Expense To Visit Indiana Dunes National Park:

  • All beach parking is free with the exception for West Beach.
  • $12 for out-of-state vehicles and $7 for in-state vehicles 
  • $6 per vehicle or motorcycle per day
  • $30 per bus per day
  • $80 Annual Pass

Things To Do In Indiana Dunes National Park:

Get Into Water:

There are several beach parking lots along the Indiana Dunes National Park. Most of the tourists visit the park for swimming, picnic, and beachcombing. West Beach the only lot that charges and also has lifeguards and showers. If you want to go paddling there is a 35-mile Lake Michigan Water Trail you can bring your own kayak or rent it from the park.

Watch The Wildlife 

The park has over 46 species of mammals and thousand plant species and 370 bird species. Indiana Dunes is one of the most biodiverse lands in the U.S. In the dunes wide range of plants from Arctic bearberry to tropical orchids. The park has the annual Indiana Dunes Birding Festival, which takes place the third weekend in May. The park offers an amazing opportunity for birder watchers to see a variety of bird species. 

Hiking at Indiana Dunes

The park has 14 trail which covers more than 50 miles of trails. The trail ranges from easy to challenging paths. If you want to go for a short trail Calumet Dunes Trail is 0.5 miles. You can even go to Cowles Bog Trail for a more challenging experience. The trail includes ponds, marshes, swamps, black oak savannas, and beaches.


The park also allows fishing with more than 71 species of fish. Indiana Dunes is the perfect place for people who love fishing.  If you are planning to fish you need an Indiana Fishing License and a stamp if fishing for trout and salmon. You also need to follow the rules for fishing.

Places To Visit in Indiana Dunes National Park

The park is known for its┬ábeautiful beaches, the Indiana Dunes is home to some of the world’s largest lakeshore dunes, with nearly 70 miles of hiking trails. The park has a diverse ecosystem, nature walks through the trail gives to a unique experience, kayakings, and lot more. There are plenty of places to explore in the park

  • Kemil Beach
  • West Beach
  • Dunes Succession Trail
  • Portage Lakefront And Riverwalk
  • Mount Baldy
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