Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park located in the northwest of Lake Superior and part of Michigan it is an island of the Great Lakes. The park is the only island National Park in Michigan. It is a remote island wilderness 99% of the island is preserved as wilderness. Isle Royale is only accessible by ferry, seaplane, or by private watercraft. 

Isle Royale was established as National Park on 03 April 1940 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The is surrounded by 450 small islands. Isle Royale is a place of adventure and beautiful view photographer and hiker would love this place. 

Best Time To Visit Isle Royale National Park:

The best time to visit Isle Royale National Park in late August when the temperatures are moderate. You can also visit from late spring to early autumn from May to September when the temperature is perfect to explore the park. Isle Royale will be closed from November to mid-April. Mosquitoes, black flies, gnats are most pesky in June and July so make sure you bring mosquito cream.

Expense To Visit Isle Royale National Park

  • The park charges a $7 per person daily entrance fee to enter which is from the day you arrive and the day you depart.
  • The season pass costs $60 and will cover up to 3 adults above age 16. During the park season from April 16 through October 31.
  • Entrance fees will be waived for all Federal Recreation Passes the pass holder and up to 3 adults
  • Free for children 15 and under.

Things To Do In Isle Royale National Park:

Enjoy a Ferry Ride:

If you would like leisurely sightseeing of Isle Royale you can go for a ferry ride guided by a ranger. The sightseeing tours that take about 6 hours depart from the Rock Harbor Lodge dock and head to Hidden Lake, Raspberry Island, Rock Harbor Lighthouse, and the Edison Fishery.

Go For Hike:

The Greenstone Ridge Trail is the famous trail of Isle Royale National Park it is also the state’s best long-distance hike. The trail is about a 40-mile-long hiking trail with a challenging path which hikers would love. The trail leads to deep forests, lakes, and spectacular views. Hikers make it to the destination in 3 to 5 days. You need plenty of water, food, and all things required for hiking.

Fishing at Isle Royale

Fishing at Isle Royale National Park major attraction. You can fish at Lake Superior or the inland lakes, by boat, canoe, kayak, or foot. You can rent both canoes and kayaks are available. There are more than 40 documented species of fish at Isle Royale. You need to have a fishing license and follow the rules and regulations when you fish.

Scuba Diving

Isle Royale also offers scuba diving opportunities. You can get down in the lake and see the treasures in the lake. Diving into the lake gives you a new experience and also you get to take some stunning pictures.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Isle Royale National Park is the perfect place for canoeists and kayakers with miles of waterways. 

Places to Visit in Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale is one of the beautiful national parks in the country, but least visited due to the lack of accessibility. To reach the island you need to take a five-hour boat ride from the Upper Peninsula, which is a great way to explore the park. The park is a remote paradise is only accessible by boat or seaplane. Most of the Isle Royale visitors typically stay there 3 days, or about 4 hours.  To explore the whole park you can stay overnight and experience the adventurous activities.

  • Rock Harbor
  • Scoville Point
  • Windigo Visitor Center
  • Greenstone Ridge Trail
  • Rock Island Lighthouse
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