Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs National Park is located in northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border. The park has a beautiful landscape with breathtaking views that covers over 218,000 acres. The interior of the park is only accessible by water this is because one-third of the park is water. You can rent a houseboat, take a boat tour to explore the park you even get to see lots of hidden waterfalls.

Voyageurs National Park has hundreds of islands and more than 650 miles of beautiful shoreline. The park is known for dark skies with endless stars, shooting stars, and colorful aurora borealis. If you love lakes and islands Voyageurs National Park should be on your bucket list.

Best Time To Visit Voyageurs National Park:

The best time of year to visit Voyageurs National Park is from June until September which is the early fall in Voyageurs. In June, the fishing is very good and even the best time for wildlife viewing. During these months you get to see migratory birds. If you are planning to visit the park in winter the lake will be frozen and you can’t go fishing. During the spring and fall, If the lake is melting you cannot explore the lake.

Expense To Visit Voyageurs National Park:

Voyageurs National Park does not charge any entry fee.

Camping Fee:

  • Small campsite with 2 tent pads cost $20 per night
  • Large campsite with 4 tent pads cost  $24 per night
  • Group Campsite cost $35 per night
  • Backcountry campsite with no canoe cost $16 per night
  • Backcountry campsite with overnight 
  • canoe cost $28 per night
  • Day use rental canoe or rowboat cost $12 per day

Things To Do In Voyageurs National Park:


The park has over 84,000 acres of water you can fish anywhere in the park except Beast Lake. The lakes in Voyageurs have over 50 different species of fish, like black crappie, lake sturgeon, walleye, and smallmouth bass. If you are planning to fish in Voyageurs you need to have fishing licenses and also follow the rules. Voyageurs National Park has ample opportunities to wet a line.


The majority of the park is filled will water, but it has over 55miles of trails some are accessible by car. There are two types of trial Car-accessible hikes and Water accessible trails. If you like a short trail you can go for Kabetogama Lake Overlook which is 0.2 miles. If you want your hike to be more challenging you can go for Namakan Lake Trail. The trail has a steep climb at the beginning and an adventurous path. The top trails in Voyageurs National Park are:

  • Kab-Ash Trail
  • Oberholtzer Trail
  • Kabetogama Lake Overlook Trail
  • Sullivan Bay Trail
  • Beaver Pond Overlook Trail
  • Black Bay Beaver Pond Trail

Canoeing in Lake

Voyageurs National Park is the best place for canoeing with 30 lakes and islands. You also see the wildlife of Voyageurs in the silence. It gives you a beautiful experience going through the water and also get to see the birds and turtles. The park provides a rental canoe which you need to pay. Canoes or rowboats are only to explore these smaller lakes

Enjoy stargazing

Voyageurs is the perfect place for stargazing as the park is far from the city. If you are lucky you get to see the Aurora Borealis. Your chance of seeing the aurora is dependents on the radiation produced by the Sun, your location on the Earth, and whether the night sky is both clear and dark.

Places To Visit In Voyageurs National Park:

Voyageurs is home to four large lakes and many smaller ones throughout the park. The park is the best place for water lover with hundreds of small island. To access the entire park only possible by boat you can easily get rental boats. The park comprises 134,000 acres of boreal forest, 84,000 acres of water, 30 lakes, and roughly 1000 islands offering endless opportunity to explore.

  • Ellsworth Rock Garden
  • Grassy Bay Cliffs
  • Gold Portage
  • Namakan Lake
  • Sand Point Lake
  • Anderson Bay
  • Kettle Falls

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