Places To Visit In The Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is said to be the ‘Crown of the Continent’ because it is filled with glacier-capped mountains, magnificent alpine scenery, stunning aquamarine lakes, and also with exciting hiking trails. If you wish to see waterfalls, wildlife, and mountain slopes which is covered with flowers put this park on your bucket list. 

Glacier National Park is located in northern Montana which is on the border of Canada. Waterton Lakes National Park is just across the border and these parks form Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park which is the world’s first International Peace Park. Here are the best spots to visit in Glacier National Park. 


Going-to-the-Sunn-Road is one of the most beautiful drives in the United States and it is the most scenic drive in the Glacier National Park. It takes about 50 miles and some more twists and turns take you through the mountains and the Continental Divide. There is a stop at Logan Pass, where you can park your vehicle, enjoy the view from there, and click pictures from many hiking trails over there. 

Driving the entire length of Going-to-the-Sun-Road takes about two hours and it depends on traffic and how frequently you stop. Taking a drive to Going-to-the-Sun-Road for the first time will be jaw-dropping. But you can see more traffic and a lot of cars on this road. There are also many turn-outs where you can park your car and rest yourself. This road is kept open from the end of June or early July through mid-October. The opening and closing dates depend upon the snowfall. You can check these updates by clicking this official website link.

Logan Pass

Logan Pass is the highest point which is about 6,646 feet and it is on Going-to-the-Sun-Road and it is part of the Continental Divide. It is the highest point in the Glacier National Park and it can be reached by car. From the pint, you can enjoy the spectacular views across the Glacier National Park. You can see jagged mountains, wildflower fields, and can see wildlife like mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and few other animals. Two famous hiking trails start at the Logan Pass, Hidden Lake Trail, and the Highline Trail. 

Apgar Visitor Center

Apgar Visitor Center is the entry off Going-to-the-Sun-Road which is approximately 2 miles from the West Glacier Entrance Station which is near the town of West Glacier, Montana. It is kept open daily from mid-May to mid-October and also on the weekends during fall, spring, and winter as staffing allows. The amenities in this visitor center include trip planning information and exhibits, both inside and outside the building, restrooms, water fountain, bookstore, WiFi, Ranger-led activities both in summer and winter, Astronomy programs, paved 0.25 miles biking or walking path to Apgar Village, Apgar Campground, and Lake McDonald, Shuttle service, and parking lot. 

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald is the largest lake in the Glacier National Park. There is a historic Lake McDonald Lodge which is built in 1914 and it is at the edge of the lake. You can pick from several hikes or go horseback riding like Lake McDonald Corral from this lake. You can also rent a boat or cruises from Glacier Park Boat Co and go on a boat tour. There are many other services available in Lake McDonald’s like gift shops, ATMs, restaurants, camp stores, and worship services. There is a campground called ‘Sprague Creek Campground’ which is about two miles south on Going-to-the-Sun-Road. 

Two Medicine

Two Medicine area of the park is visited first before Going-to-the-Sun-Road which was constructed in 1932. This area of the park is popular for day hikes and to go out into the backcountry. The number of visitors to Two Medicine is comparatively less than the visitors in the Going-to-the-Sun-Road. 

Click here to know the list of hikes and things to do. 

There are some additional services available at Two Medicine like the Two Medicine Campsite and the Two Medicine Campground. 

Goat Haunt

Goat Haunt is a remote backcountry location that can be reached only by boat or hiking. There are no other services available at Goat Haunt. Ranger station is available for giving information. You will need a passport or other approved documentation for travel beyond Goat Haunt into the park. The Goat Haunt area of the Glacier National Park is the best place for hikers because they provide access to some of the most remote and scenic landscapes in North America and also best hiking trails on the continent. Goat Haunt allows the hikers and overnight backpacking adventures to access the popular trails like Stoney Indian Pass Trail, Boulder Pass Trail, Waterton Valley Trail, and Fifty Mountain along the Northern Highline Trail which are all world-class Glacier National Park hikes lies in the northern wilderness. 

All hikes start at Goat Haunt Ranger Station.

Check out the Trail Status page for details on cross-border travel.

Goat Haunt Overlook

1 mi (1.6 km)

Elevation gain: 800 ft (244 m)

Kootenai Lakes

2.5 mi (4 km)

Elevation gain: 200 ft (61 m)

Lake Francis

6.2 mi (10 km)

Elevation gain: 1,050 ft (320 m)

Lake Janet

3.3 mi (5.3 km)

Elevation gain:

Rainbow Falls

1 mi (1.6 km)

Elevation gain: 30 ft (9 m)

Waterton Townsite

8.5 mi (13.7 km)

Elevation gain: 200 ft (61 m)

The North Fork

The North Fork is an area that can be reached only by private vehicles on unpaved roads. It provides limited amenities and invites a self-reliant visitor. Take a drive to and from Kintla and Bowman Lakes. Pack your lunch and enjoy having it there. There is only one service that is available outside of the park in the community of Polebridge. And there is no mobile service. A four-wheel drive and the ability to change tires are required because flat tires create problems. Vehicles over 21’ and trailers are not permitted on any of the roads in North Fork. 


Bowman Lake

Logging Creek

Kintla Lake

Quartz Creek

Day hikes

Picnic areas

Drinking water (not at all campgrounds)

Restrooms & pit toilets

Many Glacier

Many Glacier is one of the most beautiful and popular areas in the Glacier National Park. It is covered with massive, snow-covered mountains, glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls. Iceberg  Lake and Grinnell Glacier are the most famous hikes in this area. There are also ten more hikes to choose. Most of the hikes are longer hikes but it is worth taking it. Even if you are not a hiker, there are a lot of places to visit there. You can stay in the Many Glacier Hotel and can ride a boat across Josephine and Swiftcurrent Lakes. 

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