Places to Visit in White Sand National Park

White Sands National Park is located in southern New Mexico, US. White Sand is one of the unique and most beautiful national park in the state. As you enter the park you feel like stepping into a different world. It is a place where you can sit and forget about your busy life. Here we have mentioned the top places you shouldn’t miss the White Sand.

Playa Trail

The Playa Trail is an 0.5 mile easy trail, suitable for all levels of hikers. Playa are small dry lake beds at the edge of the dunes. It is a self guide trail where you can follow the markers with a heart symbol that lead to a small Playa.  The Playa Trail is a flat hike which is a good warmup for hikes.

The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. The trail offers a view of the desert that provides one of the best views of the mountain range New. As you reach you can see the Sacramento Mountains rising thousands of feet above the desert.

Interdune Boardwalk

The Interdune Boardwalk is an 0.4 mile boardwalk. It is an easy trail that leads you through the fragile interdune area. The trail leads to a breathtaking view of the dunefield and the Sacramento mountains. Interdune Boardwalk gives a great opportunity to take a closer look of plants, and animals that make White Sands an unequaled natural wonder.

The boardwalk is a great place to spend peaceful time. You can listen to bird calls, observe lizards, and enjoy wildflowers. It takes about 20 minutes to complete the trail. The boardwalk is fully accessible for wheelchairs, and strollers.

Dune Life Nature Trail

Dune Life Nature Trail is a one-mile moderately trafficked loop suitable for all skill levels. As you enter the park the first activity most of the visitors do is hike on the sand. Although there isn’t a true trail for this loop, the sand of this route is well-marked with orange posts.  It is a self-guided loop hike so make sure to stay on the marked post in the trail. This loop is located along the fringe of the dune field and, therefore, is more densely vegetated than many other portions of the dunes.

The first 300 meters has flat vegetated desert before beginning to dunes. As you hike you can see trailside exhibits information about the wildlife in the White Sands. You can see the display boards in two sections of information one for adults and one for kids.

Sunset Stroll Meeting Area

If you want to take some beautiful pictures of the park head to Sunset Stroll Meeting Area. The ranger will guide through the gypsum sand dunes to the sunset point. One of the breathtaking views of the park. If provides a panoramic view of the sunset over the mountains and offering some stunning photograph.

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