Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a unique landscape with amazing wildlife. The park is named after President Teddy Roosevelt. The park covers over 70,446 acres with three units South Unit, North Unit, and the Elkhorn Ranch Unit.

The park is home to many wildlife from cute prairie dogs to large animals like bison. The park is full of beautiful views and wild plants. The park is located in the remoteness of Western North Dakota so it does not have much crowd so you can explore the park freely.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located in Western North Dakota, about two hours from Bismark and four hours from Rapid City, South Dakota. The park attracts hikers and photographers for its amazing views and new experience for hikers.

Best Time to Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park

The best time to visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park is between late Spring and early Fall. Spring in Theodore Roosevelt starts a new life with green plants, new foals, and bison calves. If you happen to visit in spring you could see a variety of wildflowers and even get to see wild fruits.

Expense to Visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Entry Fee:

  • 7-day pass for a private, non-commercial vehicle costs $30.
  • 7-day pass for a non-commercial motorcycle cost $25
  • 7-day pass for individua, traveling bicycle, or other non-motorized cost $15
  • The annual park pass cost $55

Commercial Tours:

  • Commercial vehicle with a capacity of 1 to 6 passenger cost $25 per vehicle plus $15 per person
  • Commercial vehicle with a capacity of 7 to 15 passenger cost $50 
  • Commercial vehicle with capacity of 16 to 25 passenger $60 
  • Commercial vehicle with capacity of Over 25 passenger $15

Things To Do in Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Explore Wildlife 

A wide diversity of animals make their home in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Mammals – Large grazing animals including bison, feral horses, elk, white-tail, and mule deer. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is home to a wide diversity of animals. The park includes bison, feral horses, elk, white-tail and mule deer, pronghorn, and prairie dogs. You get to spot cute prairie dogs pop out of their burrows

Go for Hike

If you like hiking Theodore Roosevelt has many trails from short to a long trails. If you love to go for short trails you can try. Ridgeline Nature Trail, which is only 0.6 miles a short trail but also has a steep climb. The trail leads to some beautiful views.

The Buck Hill Trail must go a one-mile drive off the Scenic Loop. It starts with a short climb then leads to flat ground. You can cross through the grasslands and see the beautiful views of the Badlands.

If you like long trails you can go for Petrified Forest Loop Trail. The trail is a 10.2-mile loop trail. The trail leads to an amazing view.

Theodore Roosevelt has miles of hiking and biking trails, rock climbing, camping, and photography opportunities

Drive Through Theodore Roosevelt:

If you don’t want to hike then you can drive through Theodore Roosevelt. The North Unit features a 14-mile scenic drive, and the South Unit has a 36-mile scenic drive. The loop has some amazing views where you can stop and enjoy the view and also take some beautiful pictures.

Medora Musical

You can go to a musical show in Theodore Roosevelt if you are staying in Medora you need to attend the Medora Musical. The musical show is called “ the greatest show in the West,” they host a variety show on the summer nights. The show gives you a different experience with some amazing musicals which you can’t see in other national parks.

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