Rocky Mountain And Carlsbad Road Trip

Taking a road trip allows you to see the natural wonders and the proper communities. It will make you feel relaxed and it is the best way to explore places. You can have a great time away from the crowds and you can find the best stops along the way. If you are planning for the road trip, you can go around the best national parks for a scenic drive. One of the best road trips you can take is by going through the Rocky Mountains and Carlsbad where you will see beautiful views and natural wonders all the way. The road trip parks include  Rocky Mountain National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, White Sands National Monument, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The entire length of the Rocky Mountains for a  road trip will be around a 2000 mile trip that starts from the northernmost part of British Columbia, Canada and traveling all the way that leads to New Mexico. If you are planning to travel the whole range or just make stops that are close or possible to you, you will find breathtaking views and stunning landscapes in all parts of the Rocky Mountains. 

Animals like Elk, mule deer, moose, bighorn sheep, black bears, coyotes, cougars, eagles, hawks can be seen in this national park. There are top destinations to be visited in this park. The Rocky Mountains are best for the outdoors whether you go for a hike, camping, trekking, or whatever you choose. So explore the Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoy the scenery. 

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is established to preserve Carlsbad Cavern and many other caves which are within a Premarin-age fossil reef. It is located just 25 miles from Guadalupe Mountains National Park which is across the Texas state line. The Guadalupe Mountain range is the home for both parks. It has 30 miles of mapped caves and there are 100 known caves like Lechuguilla cave which is the fourth-longest cave. 

You will at least need one day to explore the Carlsbad Cavern National Park. This park also features canyons, rocky slopes, grass, thorny shrubs, cactus, and occasional trees. Everyone will enjoy the beautiful desert scenery, interesting wildlife, and cavern tours. It is perfect for a road trip.

White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is the newest one and very much worth it for a road trip. Starting from the heart of the Tularosa Basin, this is one of the world’s best natural wonders. The great wave-like dunes of gypsum have swept over 275 square miles of desert that have created the world’s largest gypsum dune field. 

White Sands National Monument has preserved the major portion of this amazing and unique dune field along with flora and fauna. You will at least need one whole day to explore the White Sands National Monument.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is one of the quietest national parks which is located in Colorado where you don’t find much crowd and the best place to go on a road trip. It just takes four hours driving from Denver. This national park is the home to the highest sand dunes in North America. It is an excellent place for outdoor sport. You will at least need one day to explore this park. 

This national park is about 750 feet that preserves a large area of sand dunes. There are many adventures you can try in this park-like hiking, walk on the dunes, see the amazing sunsets, etc. Sand sledding and sandboarding are famous in this park. Everyone will love to go on a drive and visit the place with their kids too.

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