Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park consists of five stunning islands and their ocean environment that protects and preserves the wealth of natural and cultural resources. The five islands extend along the Southern California coast from Point Conception that is near Santa Barbara to North of Los Angeles. The visit would be challenging since there are five islands. The visitor center and the headquarters of the park are located in the city of Ventura. 

Activities to do in the Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park is the best place for relaxing and for a delightful break. The islands over here are calm and quiet where you can spend time with your family and friends without any interruption. Here you find wonderful places for camping, hiking, photography, snorkeling, diving, picnicking, interpretive programs, boating, fishing, surfing, tide-pooling, whale watching, seal and sea lion viewing, wildflower viewing, kayaking, birdwatch, sketch, or relaxing hearing the soothing sounds of the natural world. Since there are five islands that surround one mile of the ocean, the decision of where to start and what to do will be more challenging. 

How do you go to the Channel Islands National Park?

Los Angeles International Airport is the closest major airport which is 70 miles south of the Channel Islands National Park. Ventura is located 30 miles south of Santa Barbara and 70 miles north of Los Angeles. Parking is free in the beach parking lot. 


The visitors can go by boat departing from Ventura and Channel Islands Harbors to all the Islands. There are many trips they offer, from half-day to multiple days. Ventura is serviced by Greyhound, Amtrak, and airport shuttle services from the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara International Airports. 

Fees and Permits

No entrance fee is required to visit the park and no permit fee for camping in the campgrounds. A free permit is required to camp at National Park Service campgrounds on Santa Rosa,  Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, San Miguel, Anacapa Islands. Camping on the beaches on Santa Rosa Island is available for experienced boaters and kayakers according to the seasonal basis.

Weather at the Channel Islands National Park

The weather is mild with a very little variation in temperature year-round but be prepared for Fogg, heavy winds, sea spray at any time. Most of the visitors come only during the summer. Autumn seems to be an excellent time to visit the park. 

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