Places to Visit in Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands is made of five spectacular islands that offer you endless adventure. It is a unique national park with breathtaking landscapes. If you are an adventure seeker Channel Island is worth visiting. The park is home for one of the richest marine ecosystems and different species of birds. Here we have mentioned the top places to visit in Channel Islands National Park.

Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz is the largest island in the Channel Islands. It is the perfect destination for adventure seekers with plenty of activities. If you want to try something adventurous Santa Cruz has some of the largest sea caves in the world. Some of the must try activities are kayaking, snorkeling, long hikes, birding, or camping.

Santa Cruz is the easiest island to get to in the park. It is the perfect place for a one-day trip and overnight camping trips. The island offers the best weather and activities making it the most memorable trip for you. Only one-quarter of the island is national park land and the rest belongs to the Nature Conservancy.

Cavern Point Loop trail

The Cavern Point Loop trail on Santa Cruz Island. The Trail is 1.7 mile suitable for all levels of hikers. The trail allows you to walk to one of the largest sea caves on an island.

The hike gives you stunning views of the California coastline, on clear days it gives you a view from Point Concepcion to the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Cavern Point is close to the main campground for the island, it is also the best spot on the island to watch the sunset. If you are planning for an overnight stay in Channel Islands this is the right spot for camping.

Anacapa Island

Anacapa Island is one of the iconic locations in the park, you get to see the island in most of the pictures. The island is known for the stunning view point. It also serves as the largest breeding colony of endangered California brown pelicans as there are no predators on the island.

Although the landscape looks like it has challenging hiking options is has only a limited with only two miles of trails. This two mile trail offers you a breathtaking view which is worth hiking.

Anacapa has three islets which look like an island. It is almost five miles long, these islets are inaccessible from each other, the only way to reach each of the islets is by boat. The island has towering sea cliffs, sea caves, and natural bridges like Arch Rock which is the iconic symbol of Anacapa and Channel Islands National Park.

Santa Rosa Island

Santa Rosa is the second largest island in Channel Island. You can visit the island on a one-day trip, boat trip, or even overnight camping. The most attractive feature of this island is the accessible beach and it is known for the beautiful white sand beaches. Getting to Santa Rosa is challenging and the weather can also be windy. Before you start your trip make sure to check the weather. 

If you are looking for an isolated place in the park Santa Rosa is the perfect spot. Most of the island is covered by rolling hills, the hills cut through and open up to beautiful white sand beaches. Santa Rosa has several trails and roads, providing you with spectacular hiking opportunities.

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