Places Visit in Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park is also known for its extensive cave system underground. The park is one of the best examples of a mixed-grass prairie in the state. The park features the world’s largest concentration of rare box work formations. Here we have mentioned the top places to visit in Wind Cave National Park. 

Lookout Point Trail

Lookout Point Trail is one of the best places in the park to spot wildlife. It gives you an opportunity to see wildlife like elk, bison and pronghorns. The Lookout Point Loop combines three trails that lends you through some of Wind Cave. The trailhead begins at the Centennial and Lookout Point off of Hwy 87.

The trail leads to a overlook called Lookout, which is the highest point of the trail. It offers an amazing view of ponderosa forest and grass prairies.

Cold Brook Canyon Trail

Cold Brook Canyon Trail is a 4.5 kilometer trail located near Custer, South Dakota. The trail offers to see wildlife and the best time to hike is from April until October. It is easy to hike and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and running.

The trail starts from the Cold Brook Canyon Trail Parking Area, through forested terrain leading into the golden grasses of the South Dakotan prairie. There is a lack of vegetation in this area and there is a possibility of flash flooding. Before you head to hike it is recommended to be aware of the weather. In case of flooding, move uphill as soon as possible.

Beaver Creek Bridge

Beaver Creek Bridge is one of the historical landmarks of Wind Cave. The bridge is a steel reinforced concrete bridge, of two parallel arches which carry the 20 support struts of the deck. The arches end in two main piers, which rest on the rock walls of the ravine. The bridge creates an illusion that the concrete arches rise naturally from the rock walls. It is the only bridge of this arch type in South Dakota.

The Beaver Creek Bridge is located 2 miles north of Wind Cave visitor center. The bridge is also visible from a pullout on S.D. 87 near Centennial Trailhead which is 1.6 miles north of the visitor center.

Rankin Ridge

Rankin Ridge Interpretive Trail is a 1.6 kilometer loop trail located near Custer, South Dakota. The trail is primarily used for hiking, and nature trips. The trail offers wildflowers and is suitable for all skill levels. Rankin Ridge forms part of the southeast edge of the Black Hills. Rankin Ridge is the highest point of Wind Cave National Park. 

The trail begins to the left of a gate, the track climbs gradually through a ponderosa pine forest. Rankin Ridge is a short trail but offers stunning views of the Black Hills and adjacent prairies.

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