Things to Do in Fontana Lake and Dam

To experience an adventurous vacation Fontana Lake is the perfect destination. Fontana has lots to offer from kayaking to hiking through streams. The lake starts from Fontana Dam, North Carolina, and extends to Bryson City.

In Fontana Lake, you get to rent watercraft and equipment and even houseboats. There are adventures in every direction of Fontana Lake and even family-friendly activities. Here we have given the best activities to do in Fontana Lake.

Go for Hiking

Hiking is the best option to explore Fontana Lake and Dam. You get to see a closer look at the beautiful lake. The lake area is not known for hiking trails, but there are a number of hiking trails at Fontana Village from short to challenging. You can even walk across the top of the Fontana dam. Some trails even have hot showers at the trail shelter.

Hiking Trails

The Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail crosses Fontana Dam, over 2,365 feet across the Little Tennessee River. They even have hot showers at the trail shelter. The southern entry point to the park on the Appalachian Trail is located in the Fontana Dam area.  You can reach the dam by using North Carolina Road 1245. The trail takes you through Nantahala National Forest, just across the dam. The Appalachian Trail is one of the most popular trails in the country

Lakeshore Trail

Lakeshore Trail begins at the half-mile North Shore of Fontana Lake. The trail quickly leaves a hard-pack roadbed to navigate on singletrack through a hollow drained by Payne Branch.  The first 5.2 miles of the trail takes to Eagle Creek Trail.

Eagle Creek Trail

Eagle Creek Trail is an 8.9-mile path with various streams crossing the trail. The trail starts at the junction of the Lakeshore Trail about 6.1 miles northeast of Fontana Dam. As you get to cross over eighteen streams make sure to wear waterproof shoes. 

Lost Cove Trail

Lost Cove Trail is a 2.4-mile easy trail from the Lakeshore Trail. The trail is located 63.7 miles from Brevard, North Carolina. Along the trail, you get to encounter over 10 streams within 2 miles.

Swimming in Fontana Lake

You can go swimming at Fontana Lake, but there is only a limited place where you can swim. There are a number of public places you can stop along Highway 28 and swim. If you are going by car you can also park and swim near Fontana Dam, as there are parking and picnic areas around the Dam.

Fontana Lake Houseboats

If you like to spend more time in water you can stay in the floating cabinet. Fontana Lake has a number of house boats in the water which is the most attractive feature. You can rent a house for a day or two and enjoy the beauty of Fontana Lake. There are over 400 houseboats on the lake. You can even rent a boat to access the nearby area.

Abrams Falls

Abram Falls is a 4 mile trail located near Fontana Dam. The trail is considered moderate and takes 3 to 4 hours to hike. Abrams Falls is only 20 feet high, but large volume of water rushing over falls.

Do not climb on rocks around the waterfall, as the rocks are slippery due to algae and mist. You cannot swim in the pool at the base as it is long and deep which is dangerous.

Rafting and kayaking

Fontana Reservoir has over 238 miles of shoreline and 10,230 acres of water surface. Several marinas service the lake, which offers watercraft and equipment for rentals including kayaks, pontoon boats, canoes, and paddleboards.

Fontana provides a great opportunity for kayaking and rafting. They also ensure all the safety requirements so you can enjoy your time with your family and friends.

Historic Fontana Village

Fontana Village was built as a town for the workers and their families who came from all around the country to construct the Fontana Dam and also for the mining industries workers. Now it’s turned into a vacation destination.

They also host events like traditional music, car club, motorcycle gatherings, and even holiday events. Fontana Village offers many exciting outdoor activities and gives a perfect time to enjoy with your family.

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