Big Bend National Park Location And How To Reach It?

Located in West Texas, the Big Bend National Park borders Mexico. Chihuahuan Desert’s geography and ecosystem are protected under the biggest protected area in the United States, which is named after a huge bend in the Rio Grande/Ro Bravo. More than 1,200 plant species, 450 bird species, 56 reptile species, and 75 animal species are protected by the park. Big Bend park rangers provide stargazing and picturesque excursions.

The night sky in Far West Texas is as black as coal, and old limestone canyons are carved by rivers. One mountain range is all that stands between you and the desert, and hundreds of species of birds have made their home here. Cacti thrive in the southwestern heat, and the variety of species is among the greatest in the nation. ‘Tenacious’ Big Bend, Texas, is a lovely spot. Check out the maps to find the directions in and around this area.

Entrances and how to reach the Big Bend National Park

Visitors to Big Bend National Park enjoy the park’s remoteness, but careful preparation and planning are essential. Located in southwest Texas, Big Bend National Park is a long way from major cities and transportation centers. Big Bend National Park does not have any public transportation to or from the park.
Many roads go to Big Bend National Park, including FM 170 from Presidio to Study Butte or TX 118 from Alpine to Study Butte (then 26 miles east) (then 70 miles south to park headquarters).

People have to travel long distances to get to and from towns and services. Check to see whether you have enough food and water for your journey. Supply and variety might be restricted at the park’s four camp shops. Outside the park, there are also a number of small shops. Del Rio, Alpine, and Fort Stockton round up the remaining three major retail locations (grocery and hardware shops) in the region.

By Train

In the immediate neighborhood of the park, there is no public transit. A wide range of modes of transportation is available to bring you to nearby cities in less than a day’s journey.


The closest commercial airports are in Midland/Odessa (235 miles away) and El Paso (235 miles away) in Texas, both of which are serviced by major airlines (330 miles from park headquarters). Both airports provide automobile rental services.

Services provided by the rails

There is an Amtrak station at Alpine, Texas, which is the closest one (100 miles from park headquarters). Amtrak may be reached at 1-800-USA-RAIL for information on schedules.

The Use of Public Transportation

Alpine, Texas is served by Greyhound on a daily basis (100 miles from park headquarters). For Greyhound schedule information, call 1-800-231-2222.

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