Theodore Roosevelt And Black Hills Road Trip

A road trip is a favorite way to travel with your family or friends, where you can make a lot of memories and plenty of adventures. There is something special about the open road which is with the freedom and is a great way to relax. We are here to help you with the best route for the Theodore Roosevelt road trip. These road trip parks include Wind Cave National Park, Badlands National Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Wind Cave National Park

The perfect drive through the Wind Cave National Park offers few magnificent natural views along with some chances to see the wildlife. The Wind Cave is one of the world’s longest and complex caves which is about 28,295 acres which is made of mixed-grass prairie, wildlife, and ponderosa pine forest. The wildlife in this park includes buffalo, antelope, deer, and prairie dog cities. 

Wind Cave National Park is mainly known for its amazing display of box work which is an unusual cave-like formation that is formed by thin calcite fins resembling honeycombs. You will at least need one whole day to explore this park. Wind Cave National Park is located about 60 miles south of Rapid city which is in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. You will have to bring your own vehicle and there is no public transportation to enter this park. 

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is located in southwestern South Dakota that consists of 244,000 acres of pinnacles, spires, and sharply eroded buttes. And these are protected by mixed-grass prairie in the United States of America. To get into the Badlands National Park, you will have to follow SD 377 two miles north to the interior entrance and another one is half a mile to the Badlands Loop Road. The Badlands Loop Road is a beautiful way to see the north unit of the national park. The two-line paved road is good for motor vehicles but you will have to follow the speed limits. 

Wildlife is also common in the Badlands Loop Road. Most of the visitors take the Loop Road to enjoy the spectacular overlooks and trailheads. It provides views of the park, access to the hiking trails, and informative displays. You will at least need two days to explore the Badlands National Park.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the best park in the United States where you have to stop on an I-94 road trip across the United States. I-94 runs through a very small section of the south unit of the park. This national park is made up of three sections, the south unit, the north unit, and Elkhorn Ranch. You will have to drive for almost 15 mins from the north to south unit and another 15 mins from the south unit to Elkhorn Ranch. These units will protect the mixed grassland that is scattered with the badlands and with a section of the Missouri River. 

The national park is home to prairie dogs, elk, bison, feral horse, bighorn sheep, and many other animals. Each and every unit is worth visiting and it takes one to visit each unit. The south unit has two visitor centers. If you have taken the I-94 road trip, you will have to stay on 94 until you see exit 27 or exit 24. To explore the whole national park you will at least need two days to enjoy to the fullest. 

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