Arches National Park Location And How To Reach It?

Arches National Park is located in eastern Utah and it is adjacent to the Colorado River which is 4 miles north of Moab, Utah. The park is about 76,679 acres of high desert which are located on the Colorado Plateau. You can see more than 2000 natural sandstone arches in this national park that includes Delicate Arch and this park contains the highest density of the natural arches in the world. 

Most of the visitors will go by car to reach the Arches National Park because there is no public transportation to the park. If you want to get around inside the park, you will have to rent a car, take a commercial tour, or ride a bicycle. Moab is the nearest place to this national park. 

Entrances to Arches National Park

  • 5 miles north of Moab, Utah
  • 110 miles southwest of Grand Junction, Colorado
  • 236 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 360 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado

How to reach Arches National Park


The entrance to Arches National Park is north of the town of Moab, Utah.

  • From Moab, drive north on US 191 for five miles, or
  • From Interstate 70 , drive south on US 191 for 22 miles.


Amtrak’s California Zephyr serves Green River, Utah, about 45 miles from the park entrance, and Grand Junction, Colorado, which is about 109 miles from the park entrance.


Greyhound serves Green River, Utah, and Grand Junction, Colorado.


Most people coming to Arches fly into these airports:

  • Canyonlands Field– which is 11 miles from the park entrance
  • Grand Junction Regional Airport– which is 109 miles from the park entrance
  • Salt Lake City International Airport– which is 230 miles from the park entrance

Taxi or Shuttle

Commercial van services and taxis can be accessed between Moab, Grand Junction, Green River, and other destinations.

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