Virgin Islands National Park

Virgin Islands National Park is located on the small island of St. John in the Caribbean Sea. The Virgin Islands is more than just sand and beach it’s a tropical paradise. The park occupies the majority of St. John about 60% of the land area. You can visit the ancient petroglyphs, one of the oldest pieces of art carved by the Taino Indians. 

Virgin Islands is also home to many sugar factories, the Reef Bay mill is the best-preserved among them. The factory is open during the daytime Regular ranger-led hikes through the Reef Bay area include the sugar factory so you can explore the factory.

The park is filled with breathtaking views, beaches, and unforgettable hikes. If you want to experience the raw beauty and adventures of the island don’t expect resort culture. Get on your shoes and hike through the park to get a unique experience. Many of the beaches on the island are fringed by coral reefs. You can also learn about a time when sugar production dominated the island. If you live in the mountain region take a break from the mountains and dive into the sea, Virgin Island is the perfect place for your holidays. 

Best Time to Visit Virgin Islands National Park:

If you are planning to visit the Virgin Islands the best time to visit the Islands in April to June, when you can expect mild weather, with sunny days and very little rainfall. The peak season is from December to March, the temperature ranges from the 70s to the high 80s with breezy evenings.

Expenses  to Visit Virgin Islands National Park:

The entry fee is free for both Virgin Island National Park and Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument.

Trunk Bay fee per day:

  • Adults cost $4 per person
  • Under 17 age is free
  • The individual annual pass cost $10
  • The family annual pass cost $15

Things to Do in Virgin Islands National Park:

Francis Bay Trail

You can go for a hike in Francis Bay Trail starts at the Francis Bay Sugar Factory. Explore the tropical forest and salt pond. If you love bird watching make sure you go for a hike in Francis Bay, it is the perfect place to view different species of birds. 

Salt Pond Bay and Ram Head Trails

If you love the beach with white sand and fresh air Salt Pond Bay is perfect. The hike starts from a dirt road that leads down to Salt Pond Bay, It ends at the beautiful beach with white sand. You get to take some amazing clicks for your Instagram.

Estate Whim Plantation Museum

You can explore the Estate Whim Plantation Museum and see the lives of the people who lived in the 18th century.  The museum offers knowledge of how sugar was cultivated and processed. It is the only sugar plantation museum in the Virgin Islands.  With its slave quarters, Great House, cookhouse, sugar mill, and factory.

Coral World Ocean Park

Coral World Ocean Park is the most visited tourist place on Virgin Island. It is an indoor-outdoor aquarium filled with small sharks, stingrays, and starfish. It also has a walk-through aviary and an offshore underwater observatory.

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