Places to Visit in North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is one of the best destinations for adventure seekers and nature lovers. You get to experience the best hikes and viewpoints. You can also find North Cascades in most of the climbers bucket list. The park offers endless adventures from hiking to challenging mountain climbing. You can reach North Cascades through different roads.

The park has more than 300 glaciers. But there are only a few glaciers that are accessible. The park not only has glaciers, but also lakes, evergreen forest and more. Here we have mentioned the top places to visit in North Cascades.

Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake is a reservoir and is a man-made lake, created by the Diablo hydroelectric dam. The lake is the highlight of the scenic Highway 20. You get to hike along the Diablo Lake trail which rises 213 meter above Diablo Lake. The trail features stunning views of Ross Dam and Lake Diablo suspension bridge. 

The trail is perfect to hike year-round, but is inaccessible during the winter.The trail starts from the North Cascades Institute parking lot and crosses the Sourdough Creek trail. The trail also rewards you with breathtaking views of Ross Lake and Colonial, Pyramid, Davis Peaks, and Jack Mountain.

Mount Shuksan

Mount Shuksan is located on the northwestern edge of North Cascades National Park and is 10 miles east of Mount Baker.  The trail has an 8.2-mile round trip with 1900 feet of elevation. The trail offers the chance to see wildlife and stunning views. The trail is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. It is primarily used for hiking and rock climbing.

Mount Shuksan is a massive and complex mountain offering endless challenges for climbers. Its varied rock terrain, hanging glaciers, and challenging route gives an excellent experience for the beginning and advanced climber. It also includes some dangerous ice cliffs. 

Ross Lake

Ross Lake is a large reservoir in the North Cascade. It is also the most accessible part of the park. The deep blue water and surrounded by towering is a view that you shouldn’t miss in North Cascade.

You get to enjoy hiking, camping, and wildlife watching. The best way to explore the park is by water taxi. You get to rent water taxis at Ross Lake. You can catch a water taxi from Ross Lake Lodge for one  day hike. Ross Lake is the perfect place to explore with your family.

Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mt. Baker is the best place in the U.S for snowboarding. It receives an average of more than 500 inches of snow. It features a stunning mountain view which is worth visiting.  The most iconic peak in the Mt. Baker is Mount Baker, it is a 10,780-foot active volcano. Mount Baker has the second-most thermally active crater in North Cascade. The Mt. Baker has more than 50 miles of hiking trail. It is recommended for experienced hikers.

Artist Point

Artist Point is one of the best destinations in winter. This area gets the large amount of snow. The trailhead to Artist Point at 4200 feet, which gives a good snow coverage during November to June. To get to Artist Point you follow Mount Baker Highway(Route 542) to its eastern end. Artist Point has the most beautiful viewpoint in the park. It is also the most love place by photographers.

Maple Pass

Maple Pass Trail is a 11.9 kilometer trail located near Stehekin that features a lake. The trail starts at the Rainy Lake picnic area on Highway 20. The trail is known for its stunning fall colors, and challenging route offering with incredible views. The trail is easy to access and suitable for all levels of hikers.

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