New River Gorge National Park

If you are an adventurous person and love the beauty of nature, then put New River Gorge National Park on your bucket list. The park provides many adventurous activities like whitewater rafting, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, camping, and biking. The park will surely give you some memorable moments in your life.

New River Gorge National Park established in 1978. The park includes over 70,000 acres of land. The New River has the deepest and longest river gorge in the Appalachian Mountains. The park has attracted adventure seekers to its rock walls, and river.

You also get to see fantastic viewpoints in the park will also provide a glimpse into the unique cultural history. The park is home to endangered mammals and rare birds and amphibians, including the endangered Virginia big-eared bat and Indiana bat. There is no entry fee in New River Gorge National Park.

Things to Do in New River Gorge National Park

Walk New River Gorge Bridge:  

New River Gorge Bridge is the iconic symbol of the park. It is the fourth-longest single-spanning steel arch bridge in the world. It is also the photographer’s favorite shot. The bridge walk gives you the adrenaline rush and a breathtaking experience. 

Ghost Town of Thurmond:

The National Park has many unused housing units and other buildings that are preserved. It was once a well-off coal mining town carrying shipments of coal from the surrounding coalfields. Now visitors are allowed to walk through and can explore the ghost town.

Explore the Wildlife and Nature:

You can explore the popular wildflowers trails in the New River Gorge. There is also plenty of mushroom variety throughout the park that can be found during late summer after a good rain. The park has many quiet, beautiful trails where you can practice Shinrin-Yoku.


You can hike to the Nuttallburg Coal Mining where you can find the abandoned coal-mining. You can even see the coke ovens and old conveyor that was used in the 80s. You can even hike to the entrance of the coal mine and get to see the remains of coal cars.

Drive the Gorge:

You can drive through the Gorge, there are great spots to stop and enjoy the beauty of nature and even take some amazing pictures of the Bridge. 

Get Into The Water:

The water activities are the top attractions in New River. The river is a 50-mile stretch of water. One of the best way to tour the park is on a raft floating 

Mountain Hiking and Biking:

If you like biking you can take the 12.8-mile Arrowhead Trail this is the first stop for biking. The trail is quick and easy and is suitable for all level riders. If you like a more challenging ride you can choose the 8.6-mile Kaymoor Trail which passes through coal mines. You can even go for a hike through some challenging paths which give you an amazing experience.   

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