Things to Do in Mammoth Hot Spring

Mammoth Hot Spring is known for its unique formations of white limestone which also makes it one of Yellowstone’s most loved sites. It is located just near the North Entrance to Yellowstone. The closest town near Mammoth Hot Spring is Gardiner, Montana, about 5 miles north. Mammoth Hot Springs is a must-see when you visit Yellowstone they are different from other thermal areas in the park. You get to see the landscape like nowhere else. Mammoth Hot Springs makes you feel like another planet.

Scenic Drive Through The Upper Terrace 

Upper Terrace Drive is 1.5 mile one-way, scenic drive along the hot springs and stunning formations. Trailers, motorhomes  and buses are prohibited on Upper Terrace Drive due to the narrow and winding roadway. You can park your vehicle at the drive’s entrance, then you walk the Upper Terraces.

Upper Grand Loop Road connects Mammoth Hot Springs with Norris Geyser  Basin, Canyon Village, and Tower-Roosevelt. The entire loop can be covered in three hours including side trips and stops. The road east from Mammoth to Tower Junction is open year-round. All other roads of the Upper Grand Loop Road are closed in winter. 

Boiling River

When you plan for a trip to Yellowstone don’t miss visiting Boiling River, which is a hidden gem of Yellowstone. The Boiling River is a natural hot tub created by a large hot spring that enters the Gardner River. The temperature is very comfortable, it allows the hot and cool waters to mix into the river. If you love hot springs Boiling River is a really cool place to visit.

To get to the boiling river you have to walk a little over half a mile. Once you reach you can walk down into the river where the hot water from the thermal mix with the cold. The path to the river is rough so wear your water shoes wear. 

Boiling River is one of the few legal soaking areas in Yellowstone. Before you go to the Boiling River make sure to read the rules and regulations. Soaking in hot springs and other thermal features is prohibited. In Boiling River soaking is only permitted during designated hours and closed at night.

Hiking Trails and Boardwalks

Mammoth Hot Spring has beautiful hiking trails and also boardwalks. You even get to see wildlife. The trails vary from short to challenging, so all levels of hikers can enjoy. High level hikers choose to hike longer and challenging trails which will be less crowded and also offer breathtaking views.

Walking through the boardwalk is a unique experience. Mammoth Hot Springs has two boardwalks, the upper Terrace Boardwalk and lower Terrace Boardwalk. The lower Terrace Boardwalk can be accessible from Grand Loop Road or the parking lot. The Upper Boardwalk is accessible from the one-way Upper Terrace Drive and parking lot.

Some of the boardwalks around the springs are Wheelchair accessible.  on some areas of the boardwalk around the springs; however, they do not include the steep steps that take visitors from the boardwalk to viewpoints around the site. Less agile visitors may choose to view the springs from the parking lot at the top of Upper Terraces where there are panoramic and close-up views; or they may drive along the one-way road which also provides spectacular vistas. Boardwalks over 1.75 miles both the Upper and Lower Terraces with 300 feet of elevation change, which can be covered by one hour.

The following are the trail around the Mammoth Hot Spring

  • Beaver Ponds Trail
  • Osprey Falls Trail
  • Rescue Creek Trail
  • Lava Creek Trail
  • Wraith Falls Trail
  • Sepulcher Mountain Trail

Explore Mammoth Hot Springs Village

Mammoth Hot Springs village includes Fort Yellowstone, where 35 structures remain from the 1890s and early 1900s. The boardwalks that start from the downhill side with some great viewpoints. The village also offers restaurants, bathrooms and shops. 

The Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is the most popular restaurant that offers delicious food especially salads and sandwiches, even locally-farmed trout and bison; You can enjoy your meal watching the elk move about the town.

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